Strategies to Improve English Vocabulary and Spelling in the Classroom For ELL, ESL, EO and LD Students

Haya Ali Alshahrani
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Vocabulary and spelling are two of the most important skills to achieve success in an academic setting. This review of 15 articles highlights classroom interventions that successfully enhanced vocabulary and spelling skills among ESL, English Only, English language learners (ELL), and learning disabled (LD) students. The strategies that enhanced vocabulary skills were reading strategies, story book reading strategies, and memorization strategies. The strategies that enhanced spelling skills were Cover, Copy, Compare (CCC) and writing strategies. Results showed that the strategy of storybook reading enhanced the vocabulary skills among both English Only and ESL students. Writing strategies resulted in spelling skill improvement for students with LD. Future research should focus on the CCC strategy application to improve their vocabulary skills for ESL students who also have LD.

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