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Welcome to the International Journal of Modern Education Studies (IJONMES), an esteemed and non-profit online journal dedicated to the advancement of educational sciences. Our publication is peer-reviewed and released biannually in June and December, providing a platform for researchers, scholars, teachers, administrators, specialists, and advanced doctoral students to contribute their work to the field.

At IJONMES, we prioritize publishing original theoretical works, literature reviews, research reports, social and psychological issues, curricula, learning environments, research in an educational context, book reviews, and review articles. Our focus is on disseminating cutting-edge research that directly impacts the principles of learning and teaching, quality education, the role of technology in education, and the application of psychological concepts to education. We also welcome submissions in closely related areas, such as educational leadership, creative pedagogy, special education, educational policy, educational management, language education, career planning, and educational finance.

Our mission is to integrate research, theory, and practice in education and disseminate knowledge in the service of practice. Our editorial team ensures that all articles undergo rigorous peer-review and adhere to the highest standards of scholarship. We also require authors to obtain appropriate consents and approvals from the relevant ethics review board, particularly when the research involves human subjects.

We encourage you to submit your manuscripts to showcase original and significant research, theoretical contributions, and reviews. IJONMES provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and knowledge to enhance the quality of education worldwide. Please note that the views expressed by contributors to IJONMES do not necessarily reflect those of the Editor, the Editorial Board, and Reviewers.

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Dear Colleagues and Researchers, 

We are pleased to announce the upcoming Special Issue of the International Journal of Modern Education Studies (IJONMES), a reputable, peer-reviewed academic journal committed to advancing innovative research and stimulating discussions in the field of modern education. We cordially invite you to submit your original, unpublished research chapters for possible inclusion in this forthcoming Special Issue. 

The integration of advanced language models, such as ChatGPT, in higher and teacher education can reshape educational experiences and significantly impact the way educators prepare future generations. This Special Issue aims to explore the current applications and future possibilities of ChatGPT in higher and teacher education, addressing the challenges, opportunities, and ethical considerations that arise from the use of such AI-driven language models. 

We welcome submissions from a diverse range of disciplines, including education, computer science, linguistics, psychology, and sociology, in order to foster a comprehensive and interdisciplinary dialogue around the impact of ChatGPT in higher and teacher education. Possible topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

The role of ChatGPT in personalized learning and adaptive teaching

ChatGPT-driven assessment tools and their impact on learning outcomes

Ethical considerations and potential biases in ChatGPT for educational purposes

The use of ChatGPT in professional development for educators

Developing critical thinking and digital literacy in the age of advanced language models

ChatGPT-supported educational interventions for diverse and inclusive learning environments

Challenges and opportunities in integrating ChatGPT technologies into curricula

Preparing educators for the digital age: the future of teacher education with ChatGPT


Submission Guidelines:

Please adhere to the journal's submission guidelines, which can be found at ijonmes.net. Ensure that your manuscript complies with the specified formatting, citation, and referencing requirements. Additionally, please include an abstract of 200-250 words and a list of 4-6 keywords. 

Important Dates:

Abstract Submission Deadline: May 30, 2023

Notification of Abstract Acceptance/Rejection: June 15, 2023 Full Chapter Submission Deadline: October 30, 2023 Notification of Acceptance/Rejection: December 20, 2023

Final Revised Chapter Submission Deadline: December 31, 2023

Please submit your abstract and completed chapters through our online submission system at ijonmes.net. If you have any questions or require further information, please feel free to contact kartalgalip@gmail.comor constantine.andoniou@adu.ac.ae. We look forward to receiving your valuable contributions and engaging in a thought-provoking exploration of ChatGPT in higher and teacher education.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Constantine ANDONIOU

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Galip KARTAL

Editors of the Special Issue

International Journal of Modern Education Studies (IJONMES)

(*Dr. Constantine Andoniou holds a Bachelor of Education in Teacher Education from the University of Thessaly, Greece, a Diploma in Education in Educational Psychology and Sociology of Education from the University of London, UK, a Master of Education in Philosophy of Education and Educational Sociology from the University of Wales, UK, and a Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Education from the University of Queensland, Australia. His academic and research interests include: post-modernity, digital literacies, theory of knowledge, digital transformation, technology integration in teaching and learning environments, metaverse, AI in education. Dr. Andoniou has held positions in higher education institutions in Europe, Australia and in the Middle East. Currently he is an Associate Professor of Education at the Education Dept, CAS, Abu Dhabi University, UAE.

(**Assoc. Prof. Dr. Galip Kartal currently works as a faculty member at Necmettin Erbakan University. With a strong background in education, computer science, and interdisciplinary research, Dr. Kartal's work focuses on the intersection of technology and education, exploring the impact of artificial intelligence, advanced language models, and digital tools on teaching and learning processes.


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Posted: 2022-12-22

Don't Drop Me Outside Transnational Project Meeting in Porto


The 1st TPM of the "Don't Drop Me Outside" project continues in Porto, Portugal. Within the scope of the project, materials are being developed for teachers and students on the prevention of dropout. Aim is to reduce dropout below 10% across Europe.

During the life of the project; teacher competence framework, competence tests, teacher training programs, student scales and student education prorams will be developed.

Posted: 2022-04-08



Digital Art Project meeting was held in Athens, Greece. Alongside the project coordinator Italy, the meeting was attended by partners from the host Greece, Portugal, Turkey and Bulgaria. The training of the project is in Karditsa, Greece between the dates of 15-18 March 2022.

The project was created to satisfy the need of offering innovative cultural models to the community and overcome social difficulties (isolation, inadequacy, distress) that emerged through various surveys conducted on adults. It has been shown that the lack of mastery of digital tools also means being isolated from the rest of the community and from the needs of everyday life.

The objectives of the project are:

  • Become aware of the artistic and cultural heritage of one’s country
  • Become aware of the importance of ICT
  • Help adults in acquiring the basic life skills and competences necessary to overcome isolation and become an active and aware European citizen
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of the cultural diversity of European civilizations and their value
  • Encourage the learning of modern foreign languages
  • Know the common roots of the European community countries
  • Develop, promote and disseminate training courses for teachers with innovative content

Posted: 2022-03-16
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Vol 7, No 1 (2023): Forthcoming articles

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Emrullah Akcan, Karen Blaha
Bilal Şimşek
Nicola Robertson
Reem Mohamed Ibrahim
Sara Movahedazarhouligh, Hengameh Kermani, Jale Aldemir
Belgin Bağrıaçık, Serap Emir
Gaylon Davenport, John R Slate
Deniz Koyuncuoglu