Youth and Youth Education Activities in Konya Metropolitan Municipality

Mücahit Sami Küçüktığlı
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Public relations activities are carried out by local governments with different headings and message channels. While cultural studies are a channel between the municipality and the public, another channel is education, especially youth education. Especially for years between 2011 and 2018 youth education, culture and public relations activities carried out by the municipality of Konya, are among the best in Turkey. The youth education activities carried out within the framework of public relations activities by the Municipality of Konya, which is a local government institution, and a youth survey conducted with five thousand university students in this context are being mentioned in this article. With a young population of over 13 million, Turkey has a dynamic structure when it is compared to many developed countries. The reason for Turkey's sustainable growth momentum in recent years is not only dependent on the stability of economic, political and diplomatic relations; but also closely related to place a particular importance to the youth and their roles as well. It is very important for young people to have a living space that is appropriate for the requirements of the time and place they live in, both in terms of meeting their personal development at the highest level and in accessing the equipment that can compete with their peers in the external world (Kizilkaya, et al, 2013: p.230).Local governments have played the most important role in the constitution and implementation of youth policies. Because of being the closest institutions to the public, when it is compared to other local administrations, municipalities come foremost. Within the scope of cultural municipality, various projects have started to be organized for the youth. The construction of cultural centers and youth centers, the establishment of youth assemblies and the provision of youth services have grown and gained momentum.

After 2004, fundamental changes have started in local governments and as a result many services have been provided in various fields. Among these activities, youth services have a very important position. In this study, the activities of Konya Metropolitan Municipality under the title of “youth” and within the scope of these activities, a quantitative (meaning analysis) research with the youth in Konya Province will be interpreted.


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